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Showing 1-13 of 13 item(s)

Active filters

420mm spool for 200mm pads, 60mm thickness.

Price €122.00

Spool for E3004 bagger, adaptable to other models, dimensions to be checked. Bobine is designed for 1400 sachets, depending on the grain size of the product. Width 420mm Length 340 meters for bearings 200mm Thickness 60 microns.

8kg Load Cell For Bagging Machine

Price €85.00

Force sensor for 8KG bagging machine. Reference: SP5C3. Vmin: 1 g. Dimensions: height 50 mm width 20 mm depth 80 mm. Fixings: M8 wire. Connection: earth blue white red black. Material: aluminum.

Air Filter Pneumatic Regulator / Lubricator Separator

Price €68.00

Compressed air filter Pneumatic regulator  Lubricator Oil water. Ambient temperature: 5 ~ 60. Adjustable pressure range: 0.05 ~ 0.85 MPa. Max. Flow: 650L / min. Pressure resistance: 1.5Mpa (213psi). Filter cartridge precision: 40μm. Filter bottle capacity: 15cc. Oil capacity: 15cc.

Hallway For Vibrator

Price €180.00

Hallway for vibrator. Bright polished 304 stainless steel. width: 175mm height: 120mm depth: 485mm.

Pneumatic Control Valve

Price €55.00

Pneumatic control valve Voltage: 220V - 4.5VA Fluid: air Type: 2-position 5-way Working pressure: 1.5-8kgf / cm2 Air inlet / air outlet / exhaust PT1 / 8

Teflon Rings

Price €12.00

4 Teflon rings for weighing head finger. 4 Teflon rings for vibrating corridor gate axis.


Price €16.00

Tools including: Phillips screwdriver: PH2 drive, L: 150mm. Flat screwdriver: 3mm. Flat steel spanner diameter: 8 x 10mm. Flat steel spanner diameter: 5.5 x 7mm. Steel tube wrench diameter: 8mm. Long steel hex key, diameter: 4mm. Long steel hex key, diameter: 5mm. Long steel hex key,...


Price €230.00

220v / 50hz vibrator width: 145mm height: 140mm depth: 220mm weight: 7.895g

Weigh Head

Price €280.00

Weigh head Comprising: force sensor, stepper motor, stop cell, management card, mounting bracket

Weighing Bin

Price €210.00

Weighing pan in stainless steel 304, with opening by hatches.