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Universal spare parts, for most of the standard machines on the market.

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Showing 1-30 of 74 item(s)

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8kg Load Cell For Bagging Machine

Price €85.00

Force sensor for 8KG bagging machine. Reference: SP5C3. Vmin: 1 g. Dimensions: height 50 mm width 20 mm depth 80 mm. Fixings: M8 wire. Connection: earth blue white red black. Material: aluminum.

Air Filter Pneumatic Regulator / Lubricator Separator

Price €68.00

Compressed air filter Pneumatic regulator  Lubricator Oil water. Ambient temperature: 5 ~ 60. Adjustable pressure range: 0.05 ~ 0.85 MPa. Max. Flow: 650L / min. Pressure resistance: 1.5Mpa (213psi). Filter cartridge precision: 40μm. Filter bottle capacity: 15cc. Oil capacity: 15cc.